Third Battalion Pennsylvania Regiment of Foot
"The Augusta Regiment," Burd's Company

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Commander, Capt. Lynn Otto
Chief of Distaff Kay L. Martz

What is the recreated Augusta Regiment?

The recreated Augusta Regiment was formed in 2000 through the interests of its founding members, all veteran reenactors and students of 18th century military and civilian life. Because the founding members live in close proximity to the site of Fort Augusta at the forks of the Susquehanna River in central Pennsylvania, the impression seemed natural.

After researching the command history of the original Augusta Regiment, it was decided to assume the identity of Burd's Company since James Burd was associated with the regiment throughout its history. No other officer was found to have the same term of service. In 2005 we became a non-profit corporation, gaining tax exempt status in 2006 under Section 501(c)3 of the IRS Code.

Our stated purpose is to present to the membership and to the public at large, examples and demonstrations designed to educate about the history of military occupation, conflict, and settlement of this region along the Susquehanna River during the mid-18th century -- primarily the period of the Seven Years War -- through participation in and sponsorship of lectures, exhibitions, school programs, educational workshops, publications, parades, battle reenactments, tactical weapons demonstrations, encampments, folklife demonstrations, shooting matches, and other similar activities. As a group and as individuals our members can be found teaching formally and informally at historic sites, schools, public and private organizations, and wherever someone wants to learn about our chosen time.

The members of The Augusta Regiment, Burd's Company, through research and study, gain in their own knowledge of 18th century military and civilian life.


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