Third Battalion Pennsylvania Regiment of Foot
"The Augusta Regiment," Burd's Company

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In 2006 The Augusta Regiment, with the help of Representative Merle Phillips, secured a grant from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that enabled us to contribute much toward a new exhibit at the Northumberland County Historical Society at the site of Fort Augusta in Sunbury. Through the research and work of artists and artisans from the Regiment and museum and local volunteers, the museum now features detailed displays with long-unseen artifacts found on the fort grounds, a scale model of the fort, murals done by Regiment member Chuck Hogan depicting the construction of the fort, and many other items and stories of the people connected to the fort. Often, modern reproductions of artifacts are in place next to the originals to aid visitors in their recognition of those objects.

Some Highlights of The Fort Augusta Museum Project

Outside the museum, visitors are given a look at a small soldier's garden with produce documented to have been grown at the fort. Master Gardener and Augusta Regiment Corporal Ed Dammer (seen at the left of the image) is in charge of the garden. Beans and squash are grown together on the left side of the garden.
A full corner of the new room is devoted to firearms of the period. In the lower right corner of this image you can see the mouth of the cannon that was recovered from the banks of the Susquehanna River in front of the fort location. A silhouette of an artillerist is poised, linstock in hand, to fire the cannon.
A section of the room is devoted to the people of the fort. Both soldiers and campfollowers/local women are honored in this exhibit, with representative stories and equipment for both.
The scale model, a find by our Captain in an online auction, is incredible in its detail. It sits in front of a silhouetted elevation drawing of the fort, marked to correspond with points on the elevation.
This small image of a mural showing the construction of the fort does it no justice. Regiment member artist Chuck Hogan depicts the construction in fine detail. You'll find engineers and soldiers cutting and placing sod, pointing logs, moving earth, piling rocks and doing whatever was necessary to build this massive fortification.
Young soldier Caleb sits outside the fort, taking a well-earned break from pointing logs. He sits on a bale of supplies received for the fort, work shirt protecting his clothing, canteen in hand, and he looks tired!