Third Battalion Pennsylvania Regiment of Foot
"The Augusta Regiment," Burd's Company

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Pennsylvania's current budget crunch dictates that many of our historic sites be closed and has had a serious impact on others' programming. Please remember to support your sites with contributions of money and time. If we don't support our sites as individuals and groups, they will disappear.

Gate fees may be required at some sites. Please follow the links provided for more information.

Where we'll be in 2019

March 10– Charter Day at Conrad Weiser Homestead
The official kickoff event for our reenacting season. With our sister unit, the Weiser Battalion, and again this year the French LaReine, we present aspects of 18th century military life. Drills, presentations, laundry, hearth cooking, hand crafts abound. Meet Conrad and Anna Eve Weiser as they consider the impact of impending military action in their and their neighbors' lives. From their site: "Weiser was an 18th century German immigrant who served as an Indian interpreter and who helped coordinate Pennsylvania's Indian policy. He played a major role in the history of colonial Pennsylvania." Come visit and learn why that is an understatement.

April 25 - 28 -- Market Faire at Fort Frederick in Big Pool, Maryland
You'll find us scattered amongst the shoppers at what's been called "the mall of 18th century america." The grounds of the fort are filled with over 140 quality sutlers offering everything from clothing, arms, fabric, furniture and furnishings to food, culinary supplies, toys and books and everything in between. Entertainers perform in the 18th century manner for your diversion throughout the days. It's a wonderful time to renew old and gain new friendships and find out what's fresh in the world of living history.

May 4 – Fort Halifax Festival
Much of the supplies used to build and outfit Fort Augusta and its men came through Fort Halifax, making it a critical part of the system. This event supports the planned historic park which we expect to feature the reconstructed Fort Halifax. The encampment features river and woodswalk scenarios immersing visitors in trade, travel, and some of the political hazards of the time.
  May 11 - NCHS History Day
  May 18 & 19 – Army Heritage Day at AHEC in Carlisle, Pennsylvania
Learn the history of the Carlisle Barracks from the 18th century to today through this timeline encampment. The Army Heritage Education Center in Carlisle, Pennsylvania is a giant resource for research. Compare the military tactics, foods and accomodations of the many eras as you wander through the camps.
May 27 – Northumberland (Pennsylvania) Memorial Day Parade
August 24 and 25 – French & Indian War Muster at Fort Frederick in Big Pool, Maryland
From their website: French, British, and American Indian reenactors assemble for a weekend of 18th century living history demonstrations and battle reenactments. Period crafts and food vendor will also be available. Park entrance fees apply.
  September 7 and 8 - Conococheague Pow Wow and Tactical
  September 13-15 - School of the Provincial Soldier, Fort Frederick

October 5 and 6 – Heritage Days at Fort Freeland
Taste, smell and see the wonders of the Warrior Run, Pennsylvania area. Sample goods fresh from the hearth and the pot - apple butter, bread, pies, soups and stews. Watch talented handcrafters build furniture, make rope, weave cloth, spin wool, create bobbin lace, work with tin and wood. Enjoy the sounds of wandering musicians. Witness the attack on Fort Freeland, a fortified home in the breadbasket that supplied our Revolutionary War armies. Visit the expanded native village to learn a critical and all-too-often minimized part of our valley's history.

Members of The Augusta Regiment take part as The Fort Freeland Company of Independent Riflemen, our Revolutionary War-era impression.

October 12 and 13 – Fort Ligonier
The careful reconstruction of the full-sized on-site Fort Ligonier in Ligonier, Pennsylvania makes it a site not to be missed. Soldier accomodations from tent to barracks, a battle with the French, and fort life are demonstrated. Those interested in shopping will enjoy spending the day a few blocks from the fort for the craft festival this weekend.

October 26 -- Candlelight Tour of the Fort Augusta Museum in Sunbury, Pennsylvania
The doors open to the public this evening from 6 p.m. till 8:30 p.m. for candlelight tours of the museum and the surrounding fort locations - the powder magazine and fort well which still exist on the property, the cemetery where Col. Samuel Hunter and family members rest. Listen to the groups of soldiers talk amongst themselves about fort conditions and events. There is no admission charged. Donations are welcome.

November 10 -- Provincial Road Veterans Remembrance
The Augusta Regiment holds a private veterans remembrance each year on a local property that holds the remaining portion of the road from Fort Augusta to the Reading (Tulpehocken) Road, built by the men of Fort Augusta. Included in our remembrance is a march along the road. Though the property's owner has passed on, his enthusiasm for having us here for this event has carried on to his family who have graciously invited us to continue the remembrance on the property. Serjeant Bernie lives on in our hearts and our appreciation for his generosity.

December 14 – Historic Warrior Run Church Candlelight Service
In our guise as the Fort Freeland Company of Independent Riflemen and families, we take part in historic Christmas services at this 1835 church which saw service beginning as a log church in 1769. Carol singing with a reed organ accompaniment makes this a cozy and inspiring service for people of all beliefs. There is no fee for entry, though contributions to help preserve the church are appreciated.