Third Battalion Pennsylvania Regiment of Foot
"The Augusta Regiment," Burd's Company

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Becoming a Member of the Augusta Regiment
and the Living History Community

> Standards of Membership

Living history is a noble avocation, performed in the company of like-minded people at fascinating places. Motivations are as individual as the people involved. Their common ground is a love of history and their commitment to portraying historical events and people to the best of their abilites through research and the recreation of those times.

Each organization in the living history community portrays a particular group of people and has its own carefully researched rules regarding appropriate clothing and equipment associated with that group of people. Entering into the hobby can be overwhelming without some support. The Augusta Regiment has developed a mentoring program led by its Authenticity and Membership Committees to provide support and guidance. Each new member is assigned a veteran member who gives guidance and shares their knowledge. This helps ensure that a new member's investment in time and money is put to its best use, for example, in avoiding the costly mistakes we've all made in buying the wrong things.

A new member serves a probationary period. This gives the new member time and experience to determine whether they want to pursue full membership in The Augusta Regiment, and gives us time to review and support their progress in the unit during that probationary period.

We are committed to making The Augusta Regiment a wholesome family activity. In that regard, families are welcome to join together. Anyone  interested in living listory, whether or not they have ever shot a muzzleloader, is eligible for membership in The Augusta Regiment. In order to carry a musket and be on the firing line, a male applicant must be 16 years of age or older. Younger male applicants may serve as musicians, color bearers, or in other capacities determined by the Board of Directors. 

The Augusta Regiment's policy is to field only men.  As in the original army, women and children are expected to be attached to a soldier or a male civilian who is a member of our unit, or to perform a function vital to the unit. Women, and children under the age of 16, are welcomed into our distaff/civilian group for the many facets of our camp life impression.

Because it is not an inexpensive hobby, applicants should be prepared to invest time and money to meet and uphold the goals and objectives of The Augusta Regiment. We often have loaner clothing and equipment for the new member to use for a short time while they acquire their own things.

Application for Membership and further information may be had by contacting the Commanding Officer or Chief of Distaff:

Commander, Capt. Lynn Otto

Chief of Distaff Kay L. Martz